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Payout method

We provide various payout methods for the convenience of your receiver.

The details we need for bank credit transactions:

  • Receiver’s full name
  • Address
  • Mobile number
  • Bank name
  • Account number

The details we need for pick up transactions:

  • Receiver’s full name
  • Address
  • Contact number

Each overseas partner has different cash payout limits.

Check cash payout limits.

Pickup from over 5,000 locations:

Maximum 50,000 PHP per transaction *

Receiver details:

  • Receiver’s full name
  • Receiver's address
  • Mobile wallet number: the receiver's registered mobile number with a mobile wallet provider

Direct credit to a mobile wallet account within 1 hour.

* Each wallet provider has different wallet types that each have different limits. You will need to confirm with the receiver if you would like to send more.

Check wallet limits.

Mobile Wallet List

Transfer fee

Remittance type
$20.00 to $100.00
$100.01 to $400.00
$400.01 and above
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